Hull Walking Track and Turf Field Opening Night Script

Turf Field
Photo Use Courtesy of Al Coombs


Good evening and welcome to the Grand Opening of the Hull Community Walking Track and Turf Field at Finlayson Field.  My name is Eddie Cameron - Hull High School Class of 2011 and current Hull High teacher and coach - and I will be your announcer tonight.  Tonight’s opening is a great night for our entire community and we thank you for being here to help us celebrate.

Please join me in welcoming to the field the members of the Board of Selectmen:

Chair Domenico Sestito
John Reilly
Kevin Richardson
Jen Constable
Greg Grey

Please welcome our Town Manager Mr. Phil Lemnios.

Also - please welcome the members of the Hull School Committee:

Chair David Twombly
Stephanie Peters
Eric Hipp
Jennifer Fleming
Lucas Patenaude

And our Superintendent of Schools Mike Devine and Hull High School Principal Nicole Nosek.

Selectman Sestito would like to say a few words.


And now let’s hear from Hull School Committee Chair David Twombly.


And, our last speaker this evening is our Superintendent of Schools, Mike Devine.


145 days ago, I stood before the citizens of Hull at Town Meeting and asked them to finally give the students of Hull the field they deserved and a field that would make them proud.  This community voted yes and now - look around. This is a track and field that our entire community can be proud of. Isn’t it awesome? I don’t think there is a more beautiful place to play football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, and softball anywhere.  

I have to tell you that when I was studying to be a teacher and principal I never knew that someday I would need to know so much about construction, field maintenance, artificial turf, lighting, and landscaping.  But, as I learned this new information, there were so many that made this amazing track and field a reality and I would like to thank a few.

So - my thanks to:

The Hull Board of Selectmen, School Committee, Advisory Board and Town Manager Phil Lemnios for supporting this project.

Jen Olivieri and The Hull High School Boosters for their tireless efforts. 

All the individuals and businesses who have donated their time, talent and treasure to make this happen.

The Hull DPW for all their help in beautifying our tip of the peninsula.

The Hull Police and Fire Departments for all their support. 

The Hull Conservation Commission for keeping an open mind.

The staff of Hull Light who were there with us whenever we needed them.

The leadership of our Youth Sports organizations for their generosity, understanding and support.

Gale Associates and Green Acres - the people who designed and built this beautiful complex.  Something tells me they might just win an award or two for this project. 

The Staff of the Hull Public Schools, especially Nicole Nosek, Dan Mastrogiacomo, Scott Paine. Dave DeGennaro, Judy Kuehn, Diane Saniuk, Maggie Ollerhead, Frank Campbell and Kevin McGonnigal.  You all made this happen by dealing with the nitty gritty of a $2 million dollar project.

And finally - the citizens of Hull for supporting this project at Town Meeting last spring and putting up with the disruptions caused by the project this summer.

Now - to the students of the Hull Public Schools - this is for you.  Use it well, take care of it, play hard on it, show good sportsmanship every time you step foot on it and have fun.   You make us proud every day. Use this facility to make us even prouder.

I love this town and I am so blessed to be a part of this caring community.  Today is a wonderful day for Hull and I am honored to be a part of it.  

Now let’s get ready to play some football!  GO PIRATES!

Thank you.


Thank you to all our speakers and our elected officials for being here tonight.

As we open this walking track and turf field, it is important that we take this opportunity to remember the man this field was named after.   Mr. John Finlayson was a shop teacher here at Hull High School from 1957 until his untimely death in 1962. I ask that you join me in a moment of silence for Mr. Finlayson.

Thank you.  We would also like to take a moment to recognize and honor the members of the Hull High School Athletic Hall of Fame with us tonight.  Please join me in recognizing:

Peter Boretti
Pat Henderson
Joe Menice
Charlie Richardson
Michael Richardson
Stephen Vieira

Whenever something special opens, there always seems to be a ribbon cutting.  Well - tonight we are going to do our ribbon cutting a little differently. Please welcome the Hull High School Pirate Cheerleaders who will hold our ribbon.


It is my honor to introduce the captains of the 2019-2020 Hull High School Pirate Athletic Teams who will break through the ribbon and officially open the Hull Community Walking Track and Turf Field at Finlayson Field.  They are:

Hayden Anastos
Lauren Anastos
Caitlin Canavan
Jackie Deimer
Hannah Duran
Tess Froio
Aryana Gagne
Bella Hendrickson
Jack Iverson
Noah Lanner
Trevor MacDonald
Michael MacDonald
Julia Mahoney
Callie Menice
Turner Mitchell
Christina Murphy
Chad Noto
James Reagan
Victoria Roach
Rebecca Rosembaum
Sam Taverna
Graham Whelan
Rebecca Whelan

No, please join me in the countdown to officially open the Hull Community Walking Track and Turf Field at Finlayson Field.

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

It’s open!


Now that the field is officially open, please join me in welcoming the future of our community - the students of the Hull Public Schools!

Next, please welcome the Hull Pirates Football Alumni.

And now - the reason we are all here tonight.  Let’s hear it for the young men who will be the first to compete on this field and will tonight christen it with a win - the Hull High School Pirates Football Team.

I now ask that you turn and face the flag lying by the snack shack.  In 2015, Brendan Holden, then a Hull High School Senior, had the flagpole located in the corner of our field installed as his Eagle Scout project.    To help fund his project, Brendan sold bricks, had them engraved and placed along the base of the flagpole. Brendan is now proudly serving  in the United States Military and we thank him for the gift of this flagpole and patio. We have ordered a brass plaque to be installed at the base of the flagpole that reads:

“This memorial is dedicated to the Veterans of Hull, Massachusetts who have served our country with honor. May those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice stay in our hearts forever.”

Now - to honor our country and those who have defended it, please rise for the singing of our National Anthem by Becca Rosenbaum.

Thank you for being here and let’s have a great night!