Superintendents Weekly Letter September 20, 2019


September 20, 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

This has been another great week here in the Hull Public Schools.  Although Hull celebrated Endless Summer last weekend, autumn officially begins on Monday!  Even without looking at the calendar, it is clear that summer is almost over as it’s getting dark earlier, there’s a chill in the air and, even though many of our students are still wearing shorts, I have seen a dramatic uptick in sweatshirts and jackets over this past week!

Many of our students and teachers attended Endless Summer last weekend, but several also hosted an exhibition of their work there.  Last spring, fourth and fifth grade students created “Hull Homes of the Future” using materials they had at home.  Each “Hull Home of the Future” had to be “green” and address issues related to sustainability, including renewable energy and flooding solutions.  They showed some of their creations at Endless Summer and were able to answer questions posed to them about their creations.  This project was the idea of Jacobs Elementary School teacher Joan Lowry and is a perfect example of making “real world connections” for our students.  It is one thing to talk about sustainability, it is quite another to have the students apply this knowledge and create and be able to explain a project dealing with that topic.  In addition to Mrs. Lowry, Memorial Middle School teacher Jo Fraser helped the students with their presentations.  The students who attended and presented were:  Audi Bernard, Tristan Lofgren, Ellie O'Connor, Joseph DelGallo, Max Lofgren, Maeve Mulvihill, Elly Thomas, Madelynne Pearson, Holly Haeck, Ruby Schult, Grace Naylor, Lily Zalduondo, and Ana Zalduondo.  Great job!!

As many of you know, we had an issue this week with a gas pipe leading into the Memorial Middle School.  A National Grid worker was painting the pipe when she discovered a bit of rust.  She had an inspector come out to the school and it was determined that a section of the pipe needed to be replaced.  The gas was shut off resulting in two impacts:  the kitchen stove and dishwasher could not be used and the hot water heater won’t work.  So, we made the best of the situation.  Our food service provider, Whitsons, cooked meals at the Jacobs School and delivered them to the Memorial School and our custodial staff made sure there was hand sanitizer in all bathrooms.  The students and staff have done a wonderful job of handling these minor inconveniences.  Last evening, the gas pipe repairs were completed.  This morning, these repairs will be inspected by the Hull Fire Department, Hull Plumbing inspector and inspectors from National Grid. After school is dismissed today, National Grid will turn the gas back on.  My sincere thanks to the Hull Board of Health, Fire Department and Building and Plumbing Inspectors for their assistance this week.

A great deal of work occurred on the Hull Community Turf Field and Walking Track.  The turf is almost completely installed, much of the infill has been delivered and the electricians are very close to having the scoreboard and all the lights completely wired. 

Congratulations to Hull High School art teacher Amanda Davis on being named the Massachusetts Art Education Association, Secondary Art Educator of the Year!  Mrs. Davis is an amazing teacher who weaves social justice and social awareness into each of her lessons and projects.  Our students are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs. Davis teaching them not only about art, but also about the world we all share.

Finally, my thanks to the sixth-grade students who let me sit with them for a wonderful lunch and even better conversation this week.  It was absolutely one of the highlights of my week!

I hope you are able to enjoy what should be an absolutely beautiful last weekend of the summer.


Michael F. Devine
Hull Public Schools