About Our School

Jacobs School Core Values/Classroom Rules:
Be R.A.D.!!
Respect yourself and others.
Act in ways that make our school safe, caring, and welcoming.
Do your best learning.


Hull Public Schools provide a challenging and supportive learning environment to encourage all students to reach their greatest potential.  We foster the growth of creative, curious, critical thinkers who are equipped to succeed as responsible, compassionate, and productive members of a diverse society.


The Hull Public Schools, in partnership with our entire community, will nurture a culture of personal success, collaboration, and support.   We will develop well-rounded, enthusiastic learners and leaders who think critically and innovatively while mastering the essential skills to advance in and contribute    positively to our diverse and changing world.


Pirate PRIDE
Partnership with families and community
Rigorous, comprehensive academic and social emotional curriculum
Inclusive and respectful culture for all
Dedication to a safe and secure learning environment
Essential skills for success in a 21st century global society