Internet Safety Information

Basic Rules for Internet Use:

  1. Our school computers are filtered. However, the best protection for safe Internet use is human intervention. Parents and teachers need to supervise children. Children need to learn the rules for safe surfing.
  2. All students in the Jacobs Elementary School who participate in Internet activities are required to have an Acceptable Use Guideline permission slip on file in the Instructional Technologists classroom.
  3. Users should never give out personal information or agree to get together with someone you meet online. You do not know if they are who they claim to be.
  4. Users should never respond to any email, chat room comments, or newsgroup messages that are hostile or inappropriate in any way. Tell a trusted adult or authority if you feel threatened.
  5. Talk with your students/family members about the ground rules for going online. It is important to understand what the expectations are for use of the Internet at school and at home.
  6. Learn everything you can about the Internet. What are safe sites, what are the best places to visit, and what’s cool? How can filtering and blocking help protect your family?

For More Information Visit these Web Sites

  • MA Attorney General Office* - Visit this site for information on Child Safety and the Internet from the Attorney General’s office.
  • Get Net Wise* - A website that offers a public service provided by the Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help insure that families have safe, constructive, and educational on line experiences.
  • Safe Kids - A website where you’ll find information and rules on chat rooms.
  • World Village* - This website provides parents with an extensive list of filtering options with links to the product websites for detailed information.