The Jacobs School Mission/Vision


The Jacobs School will work in partnership with parents and community to help students develop a positive vision of the future and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become successful members of our changing world.

Goals - We shall:
  • Provide a nurturing environment which fosters self-esteem.
  • Offer a comprehensive and challenging program that is responsive to the unique and changing needs of students.
  • Promote student gains in achievement that are measured by a variety of assessment tools.
  • Pursue partnerships with parents, community members, business, and other agencies to ensure broad participation in education.


The Jacobs School shall always be committed to excellence. We believe the quest for excellence must be thorough, continuous, and systematic. The faculty, staff, parents, and administration share a vision of quality that will guide us in the years ahead to produce students who are morally, socially, and academically prepared to assume their roles as productive citizens. We envision our school as one that:

  1. Possesses a talented, caring faculty and provides a comfortable but challenging learning environment in which children are happy and motivated to achieve their full potential. Building student self-esteem is an important activity of the faculty working together with parents.
  2. Provides instruction through an up to date curriculum which employs the latest textbooks and materials. Staff development and training are ongoing. Teachers are familiar with the “best” in educational research and are encouraged to apply it to instruction.
  3. Makes a strong commitment to the teaching of fundamental skills, especially in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The total curriculum including Art, Music, and Physical Education, is integrated for greater relevance to students. Higher-level thinking is stressed in all subjects.
  4. Emphasizes and furnishes the technological, informational, and communicational skills that will be essential to our pupils’ successful entry into the world marketplace. Computers must be made available in ever increasing numbers for classroom use. Students and teachers need to acquire the knowledge to use them efficiently across the entire curriculum.
  5. Guides and assists students to develop into responsible individuals who are respectful and considerate of others. Instruction in morality, ethics, and good citizenship is an integral part of the core curriculum. Traditional values are introduced. Engenders pride and commitment in those associated with it. The school is viewed as a partnership in which all the shareholders work together to achieve comm