About Our School

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, Family Members, and Community Members,

Welcome to Memorial Middle School!!  This website is designed to provide you with important information about our middle school.  I encourage you to explore this website and to visit Facebook or Twitter to learn more about the school, to explore past events, and to receive information about upcoming events.  The school / home partnership is crucial to the success of our students and this website should help to foster communication and openness.  I encourage you to contact the administration, faculty, or staff with questions and concerns.  

Our Mission Statement serves to guide the school community as we make decisions about our students and the education we work to achieve.  Please take a moment to review the Mission Statement to learn more about what we value:

The Memorial Middle School community strives to engage learners in vigorous and vibrant academic experiences while guiding students to make responsible and informed decisions. We provide learning experiences that foster independence, encourage positive peer relationships, and promote creativity across the curriculum. The school community recognizes the importance of enrichment activities to develop well-rounded individuals. MMS is a safe and inclusive environment committed to helping students succeed in a rapidly changing global society.

As we look to the future, the middle school community is in the process of revising this mission statement and creating core values.  I look forward to continuing this process to see how these new ideas will drive and shape the decisions we make to create new educational opportunities for to students.  These new values will set the tone of the middle school for the next five to ten years.   

As always, it is a pleasure working and learning with your students!


Anthony A. Hrivnak