About Our School

Hull High School - 2012 "National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence"

Hull High School Mission Statement

Hull High School is committed to academic excellence, personal responsibility and the development of life-logn learners within the global community.

Hull High School Core Values

Life-long Learner
A culture that develops essential skills and stimulates intellectual curiosity to promote life-long learning

A culture that expects integrity and honorable behavior

A culture where students take responsibility for their academic progress, behavior, and wellness

A culture that provides a rigorous curriculum promoting creativity in all classrooms

A culture that encourages collaboration, respects diversity, and empowers students with the rights, privileges, and duties of citizenship

A culture that promotes service to others

Hull High School Expectations for Student Learning

A Hull High School student will:

  • read print and electronic media actively andcritically.
  • be a competent problemsolver.
  • present information and ideas fluently and comfortably before anaudience.
  • communicate effectively throughwriting.
  • develop the knowledge and understanding necessary for informed citizenship, social action,and collaboration.


Hull Public Schools provide a challenging and supportive learning environment to encourage all students to reach their greatest potential.  We foster the growth of creative, curious, critical thinkers who are equipped to succeed as responsible, compassionate, and productive members of a diverse society.


The Hull Public Schools, in partnership with our entire community, will nurture a culture of personal success, collaboration, and support.   We will develop well-rounded, enthusiastic learners and leaders who think critically and innovatively while mastering the essential skills to advance in and contribute    positively to our diverse and changing world.


Pirate PRIDE

Partnership with families and community

Rigorous, comprehensive academic and social emotional curriculum

Inclusive and respectful culture for all

Dedication to a safe and secure learning environment

Essential skills for success in a 21st century global society

The Hull Public School System Does Not Discriminate On The Basis of Age, Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Gender Identity, Homelessness, Disability, Religion, or Sexual Orientation.

Proud Member of VHS

Staff Contacts


Nicole Nosek


Daniel Mastrogiacomo

Assistant Principal